Goophy Privacy Policy

We operate Goophy, a Google Doc add-on. The following policy describes how we collect and use the information related to your use of Goophy.

What information do we collect?

We collect no personal information related to your use of the add-on. Your usage details are part of the add-on's overall usage statistics collected by Google. We are able to access information based on all Goophy users, including your usage.

Goophy uses a third party API called Tenor to provide the animated gifs in the add-on. The Tenor Gif API receives the specific search terms but does not receive any personal information about who is searching.

How do you use the information?

We use the overall usage information, of which your anonymous usage information is a part, to gauge engagement and usage rates of the add-on.

What information do you share?

No personal information is collected or shared. We send search terms to Tenor Gif API without any of your personal information.


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A Google Docs add-on for easily adding animated gifs to docs.

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